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TAbTrend.ReadValue Method
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Procedure to read a records "Value" from the RecordList. 


function ReadValue(RecNo: Integer; var t: TDateTime; var v1: Single; var v2: Single; var v3: Single; var v4: Single; var v5: Single; var v6: Single; var v7: Single; var v8: Single): Boolean;
__fastcall Boolean ReadValue(int RecNo, TDateTime t, Single v1, Single v2, Single v3, Single v4, Single v5, Single v6, Single v7, Single v8);
RecNo: Integer 
number of the Record to read 
var t: TDateTime 
DateTime of this record 
var v1: Single 
Channel 1 signal value 
var v2: Single 
Channel 2 signal value 
var v3: Single 
Channel 3 signal value 
var v4: Single 
Channel 4 signal value 
var v5: Single 
Channel 5 signal value 
var v6: Single 
Channel 6 signal value 
var v7: Single 
Channel 7 signal value 
var v8: Single 
Channel 8 signal value 

The function-result is true if reading is valid.


Reads record "RecNo" from the RecordList and returns

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