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Issue ID: 00148

Issue: AbCircularProgressBar - out of memory error
Project: Abakus VCL

State: All

User infoFilipe Simoes
10.Nov.18 16:11
AbCircularProgressBar - out of memory error

Hi Achim,

I am getting an error: Out of memory , everytime I set the size of the component to very small and put Value to 0
, I get the error.

Steps to reproduce:
First set: width 90 - height 80 , and then set Value property to 0.

I can as well sent a project replicating the error.

User infoFilipe Simoes
10.Nov.18 18:48
The type its not a question its a bug!!

User infoadmin
11.Nov.18 11:26
Hi Filipe,
found the problem....
With very small component and the BarSettings.OffsetZero angle to low the GDI+ Arc function fails
We removed the OffsetZero Value and add a ShowZero property with a min-size calculation behind.
Update will available soon

User infoadmin
11.Nov.18 12:20
New fixed version is online

User infoFilipe Simoes
18.Mar.19 23:08
Unfortunately, the problem is still present and the worse part is that its random! I have spend many many hours trying to replicate it in a reliable but without success.

The only clue I have so far is that this could be related with recursive methods (inside the component source code) and/or perhaps related as well with GDI+ libs.

This bug ruin my app popularity, I lost many users because of this issue. I know for a fact, that this issue only start after I added AbCircularProgressBar to my project ( nothing else changed in the code).

I am desperate , dont know what to do anymore...please help!

User infoadmin
20.Mar.19 21:17
as written in private mail,Please send us a demo which shows tue problem
Also please send the requestet informations.
otherwise we cant help.

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