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Issue ID: 00150

Issue: TAbClock and TAbAnalogClock Error
Project: Abakus VCL
Bug report

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User infoRobert Craig
11.Feb.19 1:52
TAbClock and TAbAnalogClock Error

In a Delphi 10.2 .exe using either or both clock components, the AB clock displays will agree with each other but lag system time by a significant fraction a full second.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run a SNTP client such as NixieClock (http://www.clockvault.com/clocks/nixiehowto.htm ) to properly set system time.

2. Run any application using TAbClock and/or TAbAnalogClock.

3. Compare the seconds of the time displayed to either the Windows system time clock or a radio tuned to NIST radio WWV time signals.

User infoRobert Craig
11.Feb.19 1:53
Screen shot displaying error

User infoRobert Craig
11.Feb.19 21:00
The bug seems to be in the initialization of the clock when the program starts. If you close then relaunch the EXE multiple times the difference between the component's displayed time and system time will vary, sometimes appearing to be right on.

User infoadmin
13.Feb.19 17:29
Problem fixed, new version online within few hours.

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